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After Care - Storage Heaters

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Technology at work for you

  • Storage heaters use off-peak electricity which means they provide a low carbon heating solution

  • They are intended to provide “all day heat” to a room or property which helps to maintain temperature in the building fabric, thus reducing ongoing building maintenance issues

  • When correctly specified and used, storage heaters will provide the most cost-effective electric heating solution

  • Storage heaters come in different types to suit all applications

  • Elnur offer all the storage heater variants to ensure that the right model is available for the right application – High Heat Retention, Integrated Storage / Direct Acting and Fan Assisted.

  • Storage heating technology is proven and reliable with life expectancy of the heaters themselves generally accepted as being greater than alternative products

  • They are maintenance free and do not require annual servicing

Dispelling the myths:

Too hot in the morning & too cold in the evening! Does this statement sound familiar?

The main reason for this statement:

  • Incorrect operation by the user


Most commonly, users in the UK, do not alter the storage heater controls on a regular basis which, has a direct bearing on room comfort levels and heater running costs.




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No more days and nights spent battling the cold. Keep your home nice and cosy and keep those energy bills low.

Ecombi HHR storage heaters are different to traditional heaters and the following differences will be noticed:

  • The heaters may be smaller in physical size than the heater they are replacing, this is because they are dramatically more effcient than traditional slimline heaters

  • The heaters will be considerably cooler “to the touch” - this is normal

  • The heaters are highly temperature accurate and will not overheat a room as would be common with traditional heaters.

  • The heater will be noticeable as emitting heat because the fan will be active

  • If the fan is not active, it does not mean the heater is not working – it means the room is at the temperature set point that has been selected

  • During an “on period” it is common that the fan will operate intermittently as and when required, to firstly raise the room to the required level and then to maintain that level.

Key points to remember

If the occupant feels that they are too cold, the temperature setting should be increased and if they are too hot, the temperature setting should be decreased.


  • It is normal for users to have a “settling in period” after installation whereby, they adjust the temperature settings of each heater to obtain their ideal comfort levels – we recommend that this is done by small increases/decreases and that a reasonable time is allowed for the heater adjustment to affect the room before adjusting further

  • We recommend a minimum 3°C and a maximum 5°C variation between the comfort (sun) and background (moon) temperature settings

  • The comfort (sun) temperature setting should always be higher than the background (moon) temperature setting

  • The charging period is set by default, as being midnight to 7am. If your energy provider operates different charging times, the charging program default should be altered accordingly

  • When the clocks go forward and backwards (daylight savings), the heater time setting will need to be altered accordingly, by the user. (N.B. Version 1.6 and above automatically update the time based on daylight saving so if you had your HHR fitted from November 2020 this point does not apply to you).

  • On the time and temperature program, the charging hours should be set to the background (moon) temperature setting. Do not set to frost mode in the charging times as this will result in no charge being taken. Do not set to comfort (sun) temperature in the charging times as this may cause a reduction in the charge taken.

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