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When To Upgrade Your Boiler

An efficient boiler is crucial to heating your home effectively and affordably. Alongside a range of other affordable energy solutions, ensuring that your boiler is working optimally is key to reducing energy bills. If the performance of your boiler is reduced or you are noticing issues such as unusual noises, frequent issues with parts breaking or water leaks, investing in a new boiler can lead to significant long-term savings.

Another factor that can influence the decision to upgrade your boiler is the option to move from a gas boiler to an electric boiler. This move away from fossil fuels to heat your home has significant environmental benefits with grants provided through the ECO4 scheme for eligible households. The low-maintenance aspect of electric boilers also means that they are an affordable option in terms of running costs.

Read more for some key signs that the efficiency of your central heating system could benefit from an upgrade to your boiler.

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Common Signs Of Boiler Issues

There is a range of common signs that indicate a boiler is not working efficiently. Whilst many issues can be resolved by engineers there are instances where it may be necessary to replace your boiler. If you are noticing unusual sounds from your boiler or there are delays in radiators or hot water heating up it is important to call out an engineer to identify and resolve the issue before it develops. If problems are recurring frequently with your boiler then exploring options for replacement boilers is a good step.

Choosing Between Gas And Electric Boilers

One of the key decisions when deciding on a new boiler is choosing between an electric and gas boiler. For many new installations, electric boilers are favoured as a move away from reliance on fossil fuels for heating homes. Eco grants for boilers are available for eligible households in order to replace older gas boilers with energy-efficient electric alternatives providing an energy-efficient and sustainable solution.

Installing Smart Controls

In addition to replacing your boiler, another step that can help optimise your central heating system is installing smart control. With a wide range of options to control your heating system, upgrading your central heating system by installing smart controls can lead to improved energy efficiency with increased flexibility in the functionality of your central heating system.

Fill Out Our Form Today To Check Eligibility For ECO4 Heating Grant

ECO4 grants provide funding to help provide affordable heating solutions for vulnerable households. Some of the main improvements that can be funded for eligible households include the installation of cavity wall insulation, smart controls and electric storage heaters. At UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd we can help organise ECO4 grants of heating systems for eligible households. To check your eligibility, fill out our quick and easy form or get in touch by calling 0191 466 1185.

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