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What Are The Best Energy-Efficient Home Improvement Steps?

There is a large number of steps that can be taken to efficiently and cost-effectively heat a home. One of the most important steps is ensuring that a property is properly insulated. Insulation options vary depending on the property with some common steps including double-glazing installation and loft insulation.

Some other clear steps include upgrading parts of your central heating system where necessary. ECO4 government heating grants are available for vulnerable households providing funding for the installation of energy solutions leading to more affordable heating costs and reduced emissions.

Read more for some of the best steps to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

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Without proper insulation, a heating system cannot function optimally. Some of the main improvements made to home insulation include the installation of loft insulation and cavity wall insulation. If a property does not have double-glazed windows installed this can also lead to issues with heat retention.

Smart Controls

Smart controls provide the option to flexibly control a wide range of functions conveniently and efficiently using smartphones or other devices with internet connectivity. In addition to the level of control provided by smart controls, another benefit is in the information provided by smart controls on energy usage. This data can be helpful in establishing the best options for reducing energy usage.

Electric Storage Heaters

Electric storage heaters provide a more affordable heating solution by storing energy from off-peak hours to be used when required. Modern electric storage heaters retain this charge effectively providing the option to avoid the higher costs associated with energy usage at peak times. Storage heating installation can be funded through ECO4 grants for eligible households.

Boiler Upgrades

In order to ensure energy efficient heating it is important that every component of a central heating system is functioning properly. If your boiler is presenting issues, installing a replacement can lead to significant long term savings ensuring that the benefits of steps such as insulation and smart control insulation are maximised.

Use Our Form Today To Check Eligibility For Heating Grants

Our helpful and efficient team at UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd can provide assistance by organising ECO4 grants on behalf of eligible households. These Energy Company Obligation grants are intended to provide more affordable heating for vulnerable households. To check whether you are eligible for a grant fill out our quick and easy form or contact our team by calling 0191 466 1185 to discuss eligibility.

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