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What Are Eco-Friendly Heating Solutions?

There is a wide range of efficient and innovative eco-friendly electric heating solutions that will reduce energy bills. One example of this is in electric storage heaters which store energy from off-peak times to be used at a later point. This avoids the increase in energy bills associated with using energy at peak times to heat your home. Many electric storage heaters will also stop drawing power once the required amount of energy has been stored.

Underfloor heating

Ensuring that the boiler is functioning correctly is also an important step in heating houses efficiently. A well-maintained boiler can ensure that heating costs are reduced. Government-backed ECO4 grants are available to provide a range of upgrades to a home’s heating and insulation. Where households are eligible for the grant, changes and upgrades can be made to gas boilers in addition to installation and upgrades to insulation and heaters. In leading to more efficient energy usage these grants also ensure that heating for households is more energy-efficient.

Read more below for some different options for eco-friendly heating solutions as well as some other factors that can impact energy efficiency.

Electric Storage Heaters

In drawing power from the mains electricity supply, electric storage heaters are more compatible with a move away from fossil fuels than many other heating options. Modern electric storage heaters draw power efficiently and retain this power for later use. There is also significant control over how much power is used allowing this energy to be used as necessary and storing any excess energy which is not used. Electric storage heaters are most efficient when utilised alongside a range of other solutions implemented to improve efficient energy consumption in households.

Other Factors

There are a range of other factors that can impact the energy required to heat a home. One of the most important factors is insulation. If a house is not properly insulated then significantly more energy will be required for heating, even if efficient heaters are used. This is why improved energy efficiency stems from a system of solutions working together to achieve the best outcome. Ensuring that cavity wall insulation and loft insulation are both properly insulated can lead to significant savings. Another option to improve energy efficiency is installing properly fitted double-glazed windows throughout a property.

Check Eligibility

At UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd we offer a range of energy-efficient solutions available through ECO4 grants. The ECO4 scheme has been brought in to ensure that homes can be heated more efficiently reducing carbon emissions. To find out if you are eligible for an ECO4 grant for insulation or heating improvements, fill out our quick-and-easy form today.

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