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Should I Remove My Cavity Wall Insulation?

It's safe to say there are certainly a couple of reasons that you may need to consider having your cavity wall insulation extracted. A typical example of this may be that you’ve experienced issues with damp or relating to pests. This is often due to incorrectly installed cavity wall insulation which may be degrading.

It may be the case that the insulation should never have been installed under any circumstances and is not compatible with your property. With this in mind, it may be the case that you need to have the wall extracted. Here we explore why this is something you may wish to consider for the sake of a more efficient and insulated home.

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Extracting Cavity Wall Insulation

This is something that is very much possible and believe it or not, pretty simple and the ease of the process depends on what materials have been used for the insulation. For example, if your insulation is made from wool or a more flimsy material, a hoover is used to extract it. Some bricks and mortar need to be removed from the bottom of the wall before this process though.

For insulation that is made from slightly more robust materials, high-pressure air will be blown into the wall that will then break down the insulation and it can then be extracted in the same way by using this hoover method.

Will Extracting Cavity Wall Insulation Cause Damage?

This process will utilise compressed air and is a highly safe process. It is believed that the process actually results in better cavities that are in better shape than before the insulation was carried out. Debris such as mortar, rocks and brick can also be removed during the process.

Can I Carry Out Cavity Wall Insulation Myself?

Similar to the installation of a cavity wall, removing it safely requires a specialist to do the job. It’s advised that you use the service of a specialist to carry this out safely and efficiently. Another factor to consider is that a specialist will be able to use the most up to date equipment. This means they can get rid of the cavity wall insulation without causing too much damage to the rest of the home.

It can often take time for problems with your cavity wall insulation to present themselves. That's why UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd recommends acting proactively, offering funding and alternative solutions that promote your home's energy efficiency without compromise. To discuss your property, please contact our team. We're following the latest COVID-19 guidelines to keep you and our specialists safe.

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