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Practical Tips For Reducing Energy Bills In 2022

Updated: Apr 12

Energy bills are constantly rising, with the cost-of-living ever-increasing and household heating appliances expensive to maintain, it remains a struggle to keep a household accommodating and warm when required. You will be pleased to hear that there are a number of practical ways in which you can reduce energy bills and save on heating or electricity. The constantly growing expenses required to maintain a comfy home have been well-documented, and UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd are here to help out. Complete our online form and if your application is successful, we will visit your home for a free no obligation survey. Following this consultation, your new energy saving measures will be installed by professionals.

Read on for more beneficial advice on reducing your energy bills this year, with guidance on being efficient with water, using appliances in different ways and checking funding eligibility.

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Savvy With Appliances

Though we would all like to think that we’re smart with how we use our household appliances, there are plenty of ways in which energy bills can be reduced by keeping simple tips in mind. This can be as basic as filling the kettle up with water only as far as is required instead of filling it to the top, a mistake that many of us are guilty of making. Other easy ideas include using microwaves instead of ovens when possible, unplugging chargers and washing clothes at lower temperatures.

Check If You’re Eligible For Funding

Checking funding eligibility is as easy as completing our simple form with your personal details and letting us handle the rest for you. With the Energy Company Obligation (ECO), you could be eligible for heating upgrades including boiler replacement, electric heating solutions and loft insulation grants from a reliable local energy supplier. As well as installing these measures, we offer recommendations for energy-efficiency measures best-suited to your property and circumstances.

Be Smart With Water

Remaining switched on when it comes to saving on water is crucial, and you can save a chunk of money by keeping in mind advice as essential as only using a dishwasher when it is completely full, or performing laundry duties only when a full load needs to be cleaned. When it comes to showering and bathing, you could benefit from swapping a soak in the tub for a shower, or failing that, cut down those long showers to shorter breaks. Though it’s easy to get distracted under the shower head when daydreaming or belting out your favourite anthem, there are potential savings to be made.

UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd are experts in home insulation solutions, with our specialist team able to cater energy-efficiency measures to your home. You can always rely on us for heating upgrades, loft insulation installation and much more. We understand the importance of providing a warm and relaxing home for you and your family, with countless happy customers trusting us to find the very best warm home grants nationwide. Always striving to reduce your bills and increase your comfort, contact us today with any queries about the boiler replacement and installation service we provide.

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