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Key Areas You May Be Losing Heat

There's nothing worse in the middle of winter than being cold in your home. It’s your place of safety, where you should be the most comfortable you can be. And a chilly home is not comfortable. But why is it so cold? You might be blasting the heating but find your house isn't warming up as well as it used to. This may be because you are losing heat from key areas of your house.

So read on for how you can combat this by helping to identify these key areas and preventing heat loss.

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Un-insulated walls make up around 35% of heat loss in a home. Heat in the home can easily escape through walls unless you have some form of insulation stopping it. Cavity walls are very easy to insulate, with walls simply injected with insulating material that fills the space. Insulation slows the movement of heat across it, keeping your home warmer.

If you have solid walls instead of cavity walls, you’ll have to insulate either internally or externally. This can involve cladding on external walls and losing floor space on internal walls.


You can prevent cold floors by installing underfloor heating, which will help to keep your home warm. The heat generated by the floor heating usually takes a lot longer to escape your home than heat simply radiating around the space.


Contrary to popular belief, windows don’t have as much effect on heat loss as you think, as they take up a lot less surface area than walls. But they will stop some heat loss, prevent cold draughts and improve soundproofing in your home. With the cost of double glazing, the savings you will make are actually quite minimal at first but over the years will add up to something substantial.


If you have a chimney in your home, it is often best to draught-proof it. Cold air can come in through it and the warm air in your home can just as easily exit through the chimney. While you’re at it, draught-proof the rest of your home to help keep heat inside.

UK Energy Management

UK Energy Management is a national organisation that works to secure funding for customers to improve the quality of living in their homes while reducing energy loss. We help secure funding for a range of services, including cavity and solid wall insulation, loft insulation, gas heating and ECO 3 Funding.

You can find out if you’re eligible in four simple steps. Just complete the online form, then we’ll visit your home for a free no-obligation survey, your new energy-saving measures will be installed and then finally you can enjoy the benefits of them.

So get in touch today by calling on 0191 466 1185 to talk to one of our team about your eligibility, or visit our website now to find out more about our services and to fill in the eligibility form.

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