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How Can Cavity Wall Insulation Improve Energy Efficiency?

Ensuring that a home is properly insulated can offer a wide range of benefits relating to the efficient use of energy. Many newer houses are built with cavity wall insulation but some older homes have not had cavity wall insulation installed. The first step is assessing whether or not cavity wall insulation can work for your home. Some properties are not suitable for cavity wall insulation as a result of exposure to moisture. However, if your home is suitable for cavity wall insulation and it is professionally installed this can provide significant benefits in reducing utility bills.

Read more for some further information on the benefits of cavity wall insulation in improving energy efficiency.

Cavity wall insulation


The process of installation for cavity wall insulation typically only takes a couple of hours. This process usually involves drilling a number of holes in the wall and then using these holes to inject the insulation. The insulation will typically be made up of a material such as polystyrene beads or mineral wool. Once installed, cavity wall insulation provides long-lasting insulation and is designed not to need replacing as long as it is not exposed to moisture. In order to get the most benefit from cavity wall insulation, it is important to ensure that high-quality materials are used and that it is installed professionally by an experienced contractor.

Alternatives To Cavity Wall Insulation

If a property has persistent issues with damp then it can be worth looking into alternatives to cavity wall insulation. If a house is in an area with a high-flood risk or where weather conditions are particularly harsh then this can also lead to issues which reduce the effectiveness of cavity wall insulation. Some other effective steps which can be taken to reduce heat loss include loft insulation and the installation of double-glazed windows. With ECO4 funding, loft insulation grants are available to help make homes more energy efficient. It can also be useful to look into more efficient heating solutions. Electric storage heaters can provide one solution to this by storing energy from off-peak times.

Check Eligibility

Changes such as cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and the use of electric storage heaters can make a big difference to utility bills. If you are in receipt of government benefits then you may be entitled to an ECO4 grant. This is a government grant to help improve energy efficiency in your home. To check your eligibility fill in our form taking just a couple of minutes to complete. Alternatively, get in touch with our team to discuss your eligibility by calling 0191 466 1185.

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