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Four Advantages of Electric Heating Upgrades

Updated: Mar 23

As people become more aware of rising energy prices and making their homes more energy-efficient, electric heating has become an increasingly viable option. There are many benefits to electric heating including a reduction in environmental impact, less maintenance and the opportunity to reduce your heating bills compared to gas.

Electric heating

Here are four top advantages of electric heating upgrades.

There are several electric heating options available

When it comes to electric heating, there are several options to choose from. Electric heat pumps, storage heaters and small electric heaters. This means you can invest in heating solutions that work for your particular needs and home, so your heating systems provide you with the most benefits.

What are the advantages of electric heating?

It’s better for the environment

If you're conscious about your impact on the environment then electric heating can be a practical solution. Electric storage heaters and other electric systems do not emit carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases so you can rest assured that your home is operating in a more environmentally friendly way.

You don’t need to worry about servicing

Unlike gas heating, such as boilers, which need to be serviced every year this is not required for electric heaters. In the long run, you can save money on call-outs and are less likely to experience repairs - this is because electric heating has smaller parts and components.

Easy to install

Compared to boilers, electric heating is usually much easier to install. The amount of pipework that's needed for boilers means it can be a long installation process, however, electric storage heaters are very simple to install.

You can lower your bills

The difference between electric heating options and gas is that electric storage heaters conserve heat overnight when prices are low, so you can heat your home more efficiently and save money.

Are you in need of electric heating upgrades? At UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd, we can provide electric heating grants for those who meet the criteria such as low-income households. Everyone should have high-quality heating in their homes and with a free no-obligation survey by us, we can suggest the best electric heating upgrades for you and get them installed too. So give us a call on 0191 466 1185 to speak to one of our expert team, or contact us via our website.

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