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A Brief Guide to Boiler Grants

Boilers are an essential part of central heating systems for the majority of homes across the UK and we rely on this equipment for heating and hot water. As we head into winter, it’s important to ensure that you have an efficient, fully working boiler, and a breakdown can be both inconvenient and expensive.

Many people worry about the expense of replacing their old or faulty boiler, but did you know that you may be eligible for a boiler grant? There are several types of grant available, including partial and full funding for a new boiler, so read on to find out more and see if you are eligible.

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ECO Scheme boiler grants

The ECO3 Scheme was introduced by the UK government to help them meet carbon footprint reduction targets. Under the scheme, certain households are eligible for energy efficient heating system upgrades and insulation measures. You could receive a new boiler completely free of charge through the scheme if you’re a low-income or vulnerable household.

In most cases, you have to be in receipt of certain benefits to qualify for the scheme, including tax credits, income support, job seekers allowance or Universal Credit.

Affordable Warmth Obligation

This grant is also part of the ECO scheme and households can get help with the cost of replacing or repairing their boiler, as well as other energy-saving improvements. This scheme is also aimed at low-income or vulnerable households, especially if their Energy Performance Certificate is currently category E, F or G.

You can be a homeowner or living in private rented accommodation to access the scheme, but if you live in social housing you’re only eligible if it’s the first time a new heating system is being installed.

Partial funding for new boilers

If you’re in receipt of certain benefits but you don't live in a house that's deemed particularly inefficient, you may still qualify for partial funding. The amount will depend on your current property and fuel type, but households can receive anything from £200 up to £1850. The older the property, the more funding you’re likely to receive, as older buildings tend to be less energy efficient.

Want to know more about boiler grants? Get in touch with UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd to see if you’re eligible for a new gas boiler. We can help you secure funding through the ECO3 Scheme and we’re a PAS 2030/Gas Safe approved installer of gas boilers. The process couldn’t be simpler; fill out the online form, and if you’re successful, we will visit your home for a free, no obligation survey. For more information, give us a call today or contact us online to see how we could help.

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