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3 Reasons to Switch to Electric Heating

The UK Government has mandated that green heating systems be installed in new homes built from 2025 onwards but, at this moment in time, the vast majority of domestic property heating systems are not low carbon. In fact, heating our buildings is currently responsible for more than one-third of the UK’s overall carbon emissions.

With the future of heating veering away from unsustainable options like gas and oil, it might be time for you to consider switching to electric heating in your home. Here are a few key reasons why you should install an electric heating system, which you may be able to gain funding for with UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd’s heating upgrade grants.

Electric heating

Take back control

Choosing electric heating puts you in control and makes your usage far more economical. Modern smart technologies can encourage you to adopt more economical behaviours, as you can see exactly what you are using, which appliances are in use, and where you could reduce your consumption.

Using apps to manage your usage can also make it easier to control your heating system - for instance, you can choose to heat the room you’re in and switch off the radiators in every other room with just a few taps.

Cut running costs

While electricity is still more expensive than gas per unit used, there are a number of ways you can make an electric heating system much cheaper to run.

Many electric radiators have their own thermostat or can be controlled through an app, meaning you can heat only the rooms you need to at any given time. Some electric heating systems also have a feature which automatically puts radiators into standby mode when you open a window or door, so no energy is wasted.

Additionally, free-standing storage heaters or individual radiators are cheaper and more convenient than turning on a central heating system or using your tumble dryer.

Improve your home’s energy efficiency

When you switch to an electric heating system, 100% of the energy used is converted to heat, whereas much of the heat produced by a central heating system is lost through the pipes running throughout your home. This makes electric heating a far more efficient option for warming up your home, and can also make it the cheaper option when you factor in the cost of the heat lost by a central heating system.

If you’re looking to make heating upgrades but are worried about the price, you can apply for electric heating grants through UK Energy Management (NE) Limited. If you’re eligible, we can come to your property for a free no-obligation survey in order to establish exactly what energy efficiency measures you could benefit from. We will then get some of our skilled technicians to install them as soon as we can.

Contact us today if you have any questions about the government electric heating grant, ECO4, or fill out our online form to check your eligibility now.

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