Two hands on an electric storage heater

Free electric storage heater grants

Find out how you could make huge month-on-month savings with the latest in super-energy-efficient electric storage heaters. And they’re 100% FREE to APPLY and INSTALL

As energy prices continue to soar, and gas gets a bad a rep for being harmful to the environment, electricity can be a powerful and cheap way to heat your home for less! If you’re currently using old, inefficient and expensive-to-run electric radiators or storage heaters, you could get new, top-of-the range High Heat Retention Electric Storage Heaters installed in your home at no cost to you. It’s all part of the government’s ECO4 scheme, and at UKEM we can make it happen for you.


Find out if you’re eligible right now. It’s simple, secure and it takes just a minute. We’ll get back to you to let you know if you qualify. If all’s good to go, we’ll take it from there. Perfect!


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No more days and nights spent battling the cold. Keep your home nice and cosy and keep those energy bills low.

Read more about the UK’s government’s ECO4 scheme

What’s the criteria?

  • Are you a homeowner or private tenant?

  • Do you receive income-related benefits?

  • Do you use electricity to heat your home?


There’s a good chance you qualify. Contact us now to find out for sure and get the ball rolling

No more compromising your comfort for the sake of saving a few quid

These are tough times, with daily life getting pricier every day, and rising energy bills playing no small part in this! But UKEM can help to relieve some of the stress by getting you set up with the newest in energy-saving electric storage heaters. It’s a simple, 3-step process and it starts the moment you enter a few basic details into our online contact form.

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Apply now and look forward to a home that’s easy and cost-effective to heat up and keep warm

Temperature control: fan-assisted for speed and efficiency

Cool to the touch: no burnt fingers!

Quiet to run: won’t keep you up at night like those noisy models from the past

Space saving: smaller than past models and more energy efficient at the same time

Smart: Works during off-peak hours to save cash for you

Programmable: Set it to your schedule

Efficient: No more throwing heat (and money) down the drain

So, how are electric storage heaters going to make life easier for you?

  • No mains gas supply needed

  • Cheap to run

  • Installed for FREE by qualified UKEM engineers

  • Last longer than other night storage heaters on the market

  • Auto-adjust to the climate around them – they can even detect if a window is open!

  • That means no heat is wasted during times when you don’t need it

  • Better for the environment than gas

  • No maintenance required

I’ve heard electric storage heaters are expensive to run. How are these any different?

This could be true of some past models, but is no longer the case with the High Heat Retention Electric Storage Heaters installed by UKEM. Why is this? Find out now.

  • They use the latest in energy-efficient, SMART technology for the very best results

  • Electric storage heaters run during off-peak hours, further saving you money

  • Gas prices are rising with no end in sight. This makes electricity an ever-more viable option, especially due to the off-peak tariffs that storage heaters take advantage of

  • Installation is FREE, so no upfront cost is involved

Two hands on an electric storage heater