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Free cavity wall insulation grant. 100% UK government backed and 100% free to install

Did you know that homes lose up to 35% of their heat through the cavity walls? That means, by installing cavity wall insulation, free of charge, you could retain that lost energy AND reduce your bills in the process.

There’s a good chance you qualify for the grant (and finding out only takes you a minute!)

Homeowner or private tenant (if renting, you will need landlord’s permission)?

Receiving income-based benefits?

Live in a high-carbon emitting home?

Struggling to cope with the cost of living?

Applications for free cavity wall insulation are limited, so take action and apply now




Take 60 seconds of your time to fill out the form



We’ll let you know whether you’re eligible for a grant



Our engineers will be in touch to book a survey and installation date

No more days and nights spent battling the cold. Keep your home nice and cosy and reduce your energy bills.

Got a question first? Visit our FAQs page

What is cavity wall insulation and how is it going to help me save money?

Cavity walls are made of two layers of brick with a gap (or cavity) in-between them. In modern homes, insulation is inserted into the cavity, but in homes built between 1924 and 1982 this was not the case.

This cavity wall insulation is responsible for keeping the cold out, keeping the heat in, and keeping warmth and comfort levels at an optimum in your home. It can be made from foam, bead, or mineral wool – but don’t worry about this. One of our qualified and accredited surveyors will take a look around your property to find out which type is best for you.

What if I don’t think cavity wall insulation is worth it?

If your home doesn’t have cavity wall insulation, your central heating is basically working overtime to generate heat - of which 35% will end up escaping straight through your cavity walls. But at UKEM we can help you to put a stop to this at no cost to you, by signing you up to the UK government’s FREE cavity wall insulation grant scheme.

Apply now. It takes just a minute. We’ll get back to you and take care of the rest.

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How is that energy companies are doing this for FREE?

It’s all part of the Energy Company Obligation run by the British government. Find out more about ECO here.

The benefits of FREE cavity wall insulation courtesy of UKEM, and the government’s ECO4 scheme:

Due to the government’s ECO4 scheme, you won’t have to pay for installation.

Did you know properties lose 35% of their heat via their walls? Cavity wall insulation puts a stop to this.

Less heat lost means extra warmth and comfort in your property.

Sell your property at a higher price, should you choose to move house

When installed by the expert, fully qualified and friendly team here at UKEM

Is my home suitable?

You don’t need to know this in advance! Just take a moment to apply and one of our surveyors will be round to inspect your property and keep you informed. Here are a few indicators that you will be suitable a free cavity wall insulation grant.

  • The external walls are cavity walls

  • No cavity wall insulation currently fitted

  • Property has a 5cm wide cavity (or more)

  • Built before 1982 (even homes built before 2005 may qualify)

  • Brickwork, outer walls and masonry in good condition

  • House not prone to flooding.

  • Walls not overly exposed to driving rain and harsh weather

Illustrative image of cavity wall insulation. A worker from Total Insulation Solutions pip