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Effective cavity wall removal taken care of by the experts

Cavity wall insulation is a popular choice for those looking to reduce costs and improve their home's energy efficiency. However, although this procedure has the potential to be beneficial for properties that are in good condition, it can prove detrimental to those that have taken the brunt of the UK's unpredictable weather. The damp climate, wind, and extreme conditions can take their toll on your property's brickwork, resulting in water making its way to the original cavity and the insulation becoming wet. Unfortunately, this puts your home at risk of a whole host of issues, including cold spots, damp and structural weakness. The resulting cost, stress and uncomfortable living conditions can be very difficult to deal with, so what can be done? 

UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd aims to prevent this by helping you secure funding for a professional cavity wall extraction. We're dedicated to doing right by you and your home, which is why we can arrange a team of certified insulation installers to thoroughly inspect your property, determine the cause of the problem, and provide the most effective solution. Should the removal of the cavity wall seem the most appropriate fix, we'll manage the project from start to finish, giving you added assurance that the task will be carried out seamlessly.

The cavity wall extraction process is probably more straight-forward than you think! The process usually begins by removing bricks to create pockets at the bottom of the wall, followed by drilling systematically positioned holes into the external wall. Next, an extraction system is used to effectively remove all original insulation material. Our professional team will ensure that all areas remain clean, safe and tidy throughout the whole process, to minimise any disruption to your household.

Why should I remove my cavity wall insulation? 

Cavity wall extraction might be the right call for your property and there are many other reasons why you may decide to have your cavity wall removed. Some of the many reasons given by our customers across the UK include: 

  • Issues with the original installation

  • Structural issues that have worsened due to the insulation 

  • Blockages caused by building works 

  • Old, deteriorating insulation that is no longer effective 

  • Insufficient prep of the cavity - was the cavity cleared appropriately?

  • Location - cavity wall insulation is not ideal for properties that are exposed to high winds and rain 

  • Signs of damp spots, condensation, and mould

  • A rise in energy costs

It can often take time for problems with your cavity wall insulation to present themselves. That's why UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd recommends acting proactively, offering funding and alternative solutions that promote your home's energy efficiency without compromise. To discuss your property, please contact our team. We're following the latest Covid guidelines to keep you and our specialists safe.

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