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Do I Qualify For an Air Source Heat Pump Government Grant?

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air source heat pump

How do they work?

Air Source Heat Pumps move existing heat energy from outside into your home, acting much like a fridge but in reverse. As they deliver significantly more heat energy than the electrical energy required to run them, they are very efficient. As they are a simpler design when compared with a boiler, they typically cost less to run than a traditional heating system.

The benefits of Air Source Heat Pumps

Some of the benefits of having heating pumps installed include:

  • Reduced fuel bills

  • Lower carbon emissions

  • Hot water included

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Modern controls

  • Easy installation and maintenance

When you submit your details to us, one of our advisors will discuss all the measures available to you based on your property and circumstances. This process is completely free and you are under no obligation. Our aim is to simply improve the energy efficiency of your home at no cost to you.




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